CIRP Intl. Seminar on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering



  • Manufacturing processes
    • machining
    • forming
    • casting and solidification
    • welding
    • heat treatments
  • Process modeling and monitoring
  • Design, simulation and modeling
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Sensors and sensing techniques for manufacturing
  • Process/Production planning and control
  • Diagnostics and maintenance
  • Automated inspection and quality control
  • Concurrent/Simultaneous engineering
  • Rapid and virtual prototyping
  • Continuous, discrete and hybrid processes
  • Distributed and co-operative production
  • Intelligent machines, robots and systems
  • Intelligent manufacturing systems
  • Knowledge and data-base for IMS
  • Holonic manufacturing systems
  • Virtual manufacturing
  • Dynamic scheduling for complex manufacturing
  • Evolutionary and emergent computation for manufacturing
  • Customer driven production
  • Product life cycle management
  • Factory design and integration
  • Human factors in IMS
  • Manufacturing applications of:
    • expert systems
    • artificial neural networks
    • fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy models
    • multi agents
    • genetic algorithms
    • simulated annealing
    • hybrid approaches
  • Any other topic related to the Seminar's scope

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