Closing Address by the Chairman

The 2nd International Researchers Symposium on Innovative Production Machines and Systems (IRS IPROMS ’09) took place in Ischia, Italy, on 22 - 24 July 2009. The second edition of the Symposium was a superb success as witnessed by the more than 70 registered delegates from 15 countries in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. The response to the IRS IPROMS ’09, in terms of number of submitted papers and their quality level, confirmed the ever-increasing worldwide interest in innovative production machines and systems.

The accepted papers were organized in eight Technical Presentation Sessions and one Poster Session with topics ranging from manufacturing systems issues (production automation and control, planning and scheduling, production organization and management, logistics, supply chain management) to fabrication aspects (machining, forming, micro-manufacturing, non traditional manufacturing, rapid manufacturing, robotics, metrology, monitoring and control) to innovative design technology subjects (process design, virtual manufacturing) and to emerging matters such as knowledge management, ICT systems, energy, and novel statistical approaches.

From this ample compilation of technical and scientific contributions, there emerges how of today’s industrial scenarios place increasingly greater emphasis on the challenges posed by the growing complexity of modern manufacturing technology and systems aiming at producing more products, in greater variety, at higher quality, with lower cost, and in less time. To meet these challenges, a mix of vanguard scientific theory and technology is needed, based on natural and artificial cognition in conjunction with novel systems design and manufacturing engineering principles and implementations for new machines, advanced processes and innovative production systems which are robust and versatile enough to cope with true industrial operative circumstances and to behave in a user-friendly and intuitive way with technicians and engineers in every day working situations.

 The main scopes of the Symposium were to:

- present the most recent results from research activities and applications in innovative production machines and systems with reference to the various sector of engineering manufacture;

- promote communication and collaboration by providing the opportunity, especially to young researchers, to meet, interact, share ideas and present their work to a wide and international audience;

- bring together people at different levels of experience to facilitate dissemination of information on research work being done at world wide level.

Last but not least, the Conference offered the opportunity to visit (or re-visit) the island of Ischia and the Gulf of Naples, world wide famous for their beauty and enchantment, while concentrating on manufacture science and engineering issues.

Several organizations and people have helped make the Symposium a brilliant reality and a great success: the EC FP6 Network of Excellence on I*PROMS; the Manufacturing Engineering Center of Cardiff University, represented in Ischia by Dr. M.S. Packianather; the University of Naples Federico II; the Dept. of Materials and Production Engineering that provided the Symposium organizational structure.

Finally, I should like to express my deep gratitude to the Members of the International Programme Committee for their support and advice; to the Members of the Organizing Committee for their energy and team-work; and to all the Authors and Session Chairmen for their contribution and efforts in making this Symposium an outstanding event.

Roberto Teti 

Symposium Chairman

IRS IPROMS ’09 Opening Cerimony: Prof. R. Teti, Symposium Chairman


Technical Session Presentation: Dr. M.S. Packianather, Cardiff University


Poster Session Presentation: Mr. A. Teti, Fraunhofer IWU, Chemntiz, Germany



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