Tuesday, July 19 - Conference Registration and Welcome

18.00 - 19.00

Conference Registration at Hotel Continental Terme, Via Mazzella 80, Ischia


Welcome Reception and Get Together, Hotel Continental Terme



Wednesday, July 20 - Plenary Session: 9.00 - 11.00


08.00- 08.45


09.00 - 11.00

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Conference Opening and Greetings

R. Teti, CIRP ICME ‘16 Conference Chairman, Italy


Plenary Session Presentations

G. Levy (Switzerland), Recent Advances in Additive Manufacturing - on the Way to Industrial Acceptance - an Update

J. Jeswiet (Canada), Including Towards Sustainable Mining in evaluating mining impacts

J. Fleischer, H. Wagner (Germany), Methodical identification of preforming technologies within the RTM process chain

N. Nishino, T. Takenaka (Japan), Discriminant criteria for class type in value creation model

11.00 - 11.30

Coffee Break


Wednesday, July 20 - Morning Sessions: 11.30 - 13.10


Chairman: J. Fleischer


Chairman: N. Nishino


Chairman: G. Levy

Composite Materials

Parts Manufacturing - CMPM

International Workshop on

Emergent Synthesis –


Machine Tools I

11.30 - 11.50

Multiple sensor monitoring in drilling of CFRP/CFRP stacks for cognitive tool wear prediction and product quality assessment

A. Caggiano, P. Centobelli,

L. Nele, R. Teti (Italy)

Firms’ strategies and patterns of their interdependencies: an emergent synthesis perspective

T. Kito, T. Ogata (Japan)

State-based and self-adapting algorithm for condition monitoring

M. Putz, U. Frieß, M. Wabner,

A. Friedrich, A. Zander,

H. Schlegel (Germany)

11.50 - 12.10

Conventional orthogonal cutting machining on unidirectional fibre reinforced plastics

V. Lopresto, A. Langella, G. Caprino,

M. Durante, L. Santo (Italy)

Formal criteria for the classification of service based on the value-creation model

I. Nagasaka, N. Nishino (Japan)

Automatic assessment of machine tool energy efficiency and productivity

M. Hacksteiner, F. Duer, M. Obermair,

I. Ayatollahi, F. Bleicher (Austria)

12.10 - 12.30

Experimental investigation of clamping systems and the resulting change of cutting conditions while drilling carbon fiber reinforced plastics

S. Klotz, A. Lepold, F. Zanger,

V. Schulze (Germany)

Value estimation method of products / services using wisdom of crowd

K. Yamada (Japan)

Detailed contact surface evaluation based on electric field potentials

B. Magyar, R. Wohlfart, R. Zana,

G. Csernák, G. Stépán (Hungary)

12.30 - 12.50

A highly efficient ergonomic approach for the repair of composite aerostructures utilising a virtual environment

A. Marzano, R.P. Mcfeery,

B.G. Falzon (United Kingdom)

Modeling and analysis method of restaurant service process

T. Tanizaki, T. Shimmura (Japan)

Tool deflection control by a sensory spindle slide for milling machine tools

B. Denkena, D. Dahlmann,

H. Boujnah (Germany)

12.50 - 13.10

Thermal image-based monitoring for the automated fiber placement process

C. Schmidt, B. Denkena,

K. Völtzer, T. Hocke (Germany)

Nature of value and emergent synthesis

T. Takenaka, N. Nishino (Japan)

Analysis of an ultra-precision positioning system and parametrization of its structural model for error compensation

B. Denkena, D. Dahlmann,

N. Sassi (Germany)

13.15 - 14.15



Wednesday, July 20 - Afternoon Sessions: 15.00 - 17.00


Chairman: J. Fleischer


Chairman: N. Nishino


Chairman: D. Antonelli



Machine Tools II

15.00 - 15.20

Use of thermography and ultrasound for the quality control of SMC lightweight material reinforced by carbon fiber tapes

M. Zaiß, M.H. Janka,

U. Netzelmann, T. Waschkies.,

U. Rabe, H.G. Herrmann,

G. Lanza (Germany)

M. Thompson (Canada)

Analysis for effectiveness of bridge management plan focused on the economic value by multi-agent simulation

Y. Fukasawa, N. Nishino,

Y. Kuriyama (Japan)

Decoupling of fluid and thermo-elastic simulations on machine tools using characteristic diagrams

J. Glänzel, S. Ihlenfeldt,

C. Naumann, M. Putz (Germany)

15.20 - 15.40

Conception of an eddy current in-process quality control for the production of carbon fibre reinforced components in the RTM process chain

D. Berger, J. Summa,

M. Schwarz, G. Lanza,

H.G. Herrmann (Germany)

Choice decision under uncertainty for fee-charging video-on-demand services

T. Koenuma, K. Akai,

N. Nishino (Japan)

Simulation method for the floating of hydrodynamic guides

M. Gläser, V. Wittstock,

A. Hirsch, M. Putz (Germany)

15.40 - 16.00

Estimation of production cost in an early design stage of CFRP lightweight structures

B. Denkena, P. Horst, C. Schmidt,

M. Behr, J. Krieglsteiner (Germany)

Staff motion reduction at a Japanese restaurant by kitchen layout redesign after kitchen simulation

T. Shimmura, N. Fuijii,

T. Kaihara (Japan)

Modelling the dynamic behavior of a machine tool considering the toolposition-dependent change of modal parameters in a geometric-kinematic simulation system

J. Baumann, T. Siebrecht,

P. Wiederkehr (Germany)

16.00 - 16.20

Numerical and experimental analyses on the influence of array patterns in hybrid metal-FRP materials interlocked by mechanical undercuts

K. Dröder, M. Brand,

M. Kühn (Germany)

Emergent methodology for solving tool inventory sizing problems in a complex production system

D.M. D’Addona, R. Teti (Italy)

A.M.M. Sharif Ullah (Japan)

Motor bearing failure diagnosis based on wavelet denoising and Hilbert transform

F. Ding, F. Qin, L. Zhang (China)

16.20 - 16.40

Concept for automated production of CFRP-metal hybrid compounds integrated in an automated fiber placement process

C. Schmidt, B. Denkena,

L. Gross, K. Völtzer (Germany)

Adaptive separation of unbalance vibration in air bearing spindles

H. Cao (China)

T. Dörgelohb, O. Riemer,

E. Brinksmeier (Germany)

16.40 - 17.00


 Study based on sound monitoring as a means for superficial quality control in intermittent turning of magnesium workpieces

D. Carou, E.M. Rubio (Spain)

C.H. Lauro, J.P. Davim (Portugal)

L.C. Brandão (Brazil)

 Value stream and system dynamics analysis - an automotive case study

D. Stadnicka, P. Litwin (Poland)


Garden Dinner at 20:00, Hotel Continental Terme


Thursday, July 21 - Morning Sessions: 9.00 - 12.50


Chairman: M.S. Packianather


Chairman: D.M. D’Addona


Chairman: A. Simeone

Production Systems I



09.00 - 09.20

An Adaptable Model for the Factory Planning Process: Analyzing Data Based Interdependencies

S. Hawer, B Sager, H. Braun,

G. Reinhart (Germany)

Single grain grinding: an experimental and FEM assesment

G. Guerrini, A. Bruzzone,

F. Crenna (Italy)

Eco-intelligent monitoring for fouling detection in clean-in-place

A. Simeone, E. Woolley,

S. Rahimifard (United Kingdom)

A.Z. Rodriguez (Mexico)

09.20 - 09.40

Data mining techniques applied to a manufacturing SME

M.S. Packianather, A. Davies,

S. Harraden, S. Soman,

J. White (United Kingdom)

Measurements of surface texture parameters after ultrasonic assisted and conventional grinding of ZrO2 based ceramic material characterized by different states of sintering

R. Wdowik, J. Porzycki,

M. Magdziak (Poland)

Experimental investigation of energy saving opportunities in tube bending


P. Albertelli, M. Strano, M. Monno (Italy)

09.40 - 10.00

Impacts of product-driven complexity on the success of logistics in the automotive sector

V. Feldhütter, C. Steck, S. Hawer,

M. ten Hompel (Germany)

Analysis of abrasive grit cutting for generating gear grinding

C. Brecher, F. Klocke, C. Löpenhaus,

F. Hübner (Germany)

Energy-efficient systems for the sensing and separation of mixed polymers

J. Colwill, A. Simeone, O. Gould,

E. Woolley, C. Mulvenna

(United Kingdom)

10.00 - 10.20

Business model engineering for distributed manufacturing systems

S. Seidenstricker, E. Rauch,

C. Battistella (Italy)

Prediction of dressing in grinding operation via neural networks

D. Matarazzo, D.M. D’Addona, R. Teti,

A. Fornaro (Italy)

P.R. de Aguiar, E.C. Bianchi (Brazil)

Neural networks implementation for analysis and control of heat exchange process in a metal foam prototypal device

G. Baiocco, V. Tagliaferri,

N. Ucciardello (Italy)

10.20 - 10.40

Design and evaluation of an analytical framework to analyze and control production processes

T. Hänel, C. Felden (Germany)

High speed machining of Inconel 718: tool wear and surface roughness analysis

D.M. D'Addona, R. Teti (Italy)

S.J. Raykar, M.M. Narke (India)

Optimized assembly design for resource efficient production in a multiproduct manufacturing system

O. Gould, A. Simeone, J. Colwill,

E. Woolley, R. Willey,

S. Rahimifard (United Kingdom)

10.40 - 11.10

Coffee Break



Chairman: M. Nicolich


Chairman: A. Caggiano


Chairman: K. Martinsen

Production Systems II

Cutting I

Metrology and Quality I

11.10 - 11.30

Hybrid Flow Shop Management: Multi Objective Optimisation

L. Lassig, F. Mazzer, M. Nicolich,

C. Poloni (Italy)

Cutting force coefficients determination using vibratory cutting

D. Śniegulska-Grądzka, M. Nejman,

K. Jemielniak (Poland)

Sensors embedded in surface coatings in injection moulding dies

K. Martinsen, L.T. Gellein,

K.M. Boivie (Norway)

11.30 - 11.50

Combining in-house pooling and sequencing for product regeneration by means of event-driven simulation

B. Denkena, M.A. Dittrich,

A. Georgiadis (Germany)

Dry turning of Ti6Al4V: tool wear curve reconstruction based on cognitive sensor monitoring

A. Caggiano, F. Napolitano, R. Teti (Italy)

Comparison of selected methods of probe radius correction based on measurements of ceramic workpieces

M. Magdziak, R. Wdowik (Poland)

11.50 - 12.10

Work sequence analysis and computer simulations of value flow and workers’ relocations: a case study

D. Stadnicka (Poland)

D. Antonelli, G. Bruno (Italy)

Superficial hardening in orthogonal cutting

S.M. Croitoru (Romania)

V. Majstorovic (Serbia)

Imaging solutions for harsh environments

I. Zwierzak, D. Stoddart,

C. Hitchens (United Kingdom)

12.10 - 12.30

Analysis of control architectures in the context of Industry 4.0

H. Meissner, R. Ilsen,

J.C. Aurich (Germany)

Describing and evaluating deviations for bevel gear flanks

F. Klocke, C. Brecher, C. Löpenhaus,

J. Mazak (Germany)

A performance test for a fringe projection scanner in various ambient light conditions

F. Li, D. Stoddart,

I. Zwierzak (United Kingdom)

12.30 - 12.50

Modular simulation model for remanufacturing operations

S. Butzer, J. Kemnitzer, S Kunz,

M. Pietzonk, R. Steinhilper (Germany)

Receding horizon based offline gain adjustment for contour error reduction in high speed milling

T.Q. Duong, P. Rodriguez-Ayerbe,

S. Lavernhe, C. Tournier,

D. Dumur (France)

Image based quality control of free-form profiles in automatic cutting processes

A. Grieco, M. Pacella, M. Blaco (Italy)

12.50 - 13.10

Influence of curved workpiece contours on delamination during end milling of FRP

W. Hintze, F. Brügmann (Germany)

13.15 - 14.15



Thursday, July 21 - Afternoon Sessions: 15.00 - 17.00


Chairman: V. Modrak


Chairman: A. Forcellese


Chairman: A. Bruzzone

Production Systems III

Cutting II

Metrology and Quality II

15.00 - 15.20

Performance evaluation of layout designs by throughput rate and operational complexity

V. Modrak, Z. Soltysova,

S. Bednar (Slovakia)

Reverse engineering and scanning electron microscopy applied to the characterization of tool wear in dry milling processes

M. Cabibbo, A. Forcellese,

R. Raffaeli, M. Simoncini (Italy)

Forming information calculation algorithm of 3-D template for evaluation of curved hull plates

H.Q. Shen, S.H. Son, Y.M. Kim,

C.H. Ryud, J.G. Shin (Korea)

15.20 - 15.40

A production planning method to optimally exploit the potential of reconfigurable manufacturing systems

A. Hees, C. Bayerl,

C.S.L. Schutte, S. Braunreuther,

G. Reinhart (Germany)

B. Van Vuuren (South Africa)

The effects of cooling/lubricating techniques on cutting performance in micro-milling process of Inconel 718 superalloy

İ. Ucun, A. Çiçek, K. Aslantas,

H.E. Hopa, M. Perçin (Turkey)

Accuracy assessment of an industrial actuator

G. Genta, G. Barbato (Italy)

L. De Chiffre, H. N. Hansen,

G. Dalla Costa (Denmark)

15.40 - 16.00

CNC machines setup reduction in lean manufacturing environment via or optimization

A. Grieco, F. Nucci (Italy)

Consistent simulation strategy for heat sources and fluxes in milling

M Putz, C. Oppermann, U. Semmler,

M. Bräunig (Germany)

U. Karagüzel (Turkey)

Non-destructive quality testing of battery separators

J. Huber, C. Tammer, D. Schneider,

C. Seidel, G. Reinhart (Germany)

16.00 - 16.20

On the application of text clustering in engineering change process

A. Grieco, M. Pacella, M. Blaco (Italy)

Self-excited vibrations avoidance methodology in non-linear numerical simulation environment

P.A. Bąk, K. Jemielniak (Poland)

Dental failure analysis: the need of a comprehensive failure classification

A. Gatto, L. Iuliano, E. Atzeni,

P. Minetola, A. Salmi (Italy)

16.20 - 16.40

Joint optimization of production planning and capacity adjustment for assembly system

Y. Hu, Y. Guan, J. Han, J. Wen (China)

Application of discrete wavelet decomposition in monitoring of holemaking Inconel 718

M. Eckstein (Germany)

M. Vrabeľ, I. Maňková (Slovakia)

Optimization of the sandblasting process for a better electrodeposition of copper thin films on aluminum substrate by feedforward neural network

S. Genna, A. Simoncini, V. Tagliaferri,

N. Ucciardello (Italy)

16.40 - 17.00

Movement towards service-orientation and app-orientation in manufacturing IT

D. Bauer, D. Stock,

T. Bauernhansl (Germany)

Simulation of error-prone continuous generating production processes of helical gears and the influence on the vibration excitation in gear mesh

S. Kimme, R. Bauer, W.G. Drossela,

M. Putz (Germany)

Image analysis for CFRP drilled hole quality assessment

A. Caggiano, R. Angelone, R. Teti (Italy)

Official Dinner


Friday, July 22 - Morning Sessions: 9.00 - 13.10


Chairman: S.M. Oliveira


Chairman: R. Stetter


Chairman: G. Di Gironimo

Additive Manufacturing

Life Cycle / Welding

Robotic Processes

09.00 - 09.20

Innovation in the product development process and performance of firm: an experience of value co-creation based in the incorporation of technological innovations by the 3D modeling and additive manufacturing

S.M. Oliveira, J.L. Alves (Portugal)

H. Boer (Denmark)

Position evaluation in industrial product life-cycles

G. Aßmann, R. Stetter (Germany)

Automatic adjustment of car body fixtures using artificial intelligence

R. Fritzsche, A. Richter,

M. Putz (Germany)

09.20 - 09.40

Experimental analysis of residual stresses on AlSi10Mg parts produced by means of Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

A. Salmi, E. Atzeni, L. Iuliano,

M. Galati (Italy)

Digital representation in multicopter design along the product life-cycle

M. Ramsaier, C. Spindler, R. Stetter,

S. Rudolph, M. Till (Germany)

Gripping point determination for bin picking using heuristic search

F. Spenrath, A. Pott (Germany)

09.40 - 10.00

Intelligent pattern recognition of SLM machine process and sensor data

E. Uhlmann, R.P. Pontes, A. Laghmouchi, A. Bergmann (Germany)

Quality- and lifecycle-oriented production engineering in automotive industry

J. Kiefer, S. Allegretti,

T. Breckle (Germany)

Automated planning of robotic MAG welding based on adaptive gap model

A. Kuss, T. Dietz, F. Spenrath (Germany)

10.00 - 10.20

Selection of optimal process parameters for wire arc additive manufacturing

M. Liberini, A. Astarita, G. Campatelli,

A. Scippa, F. Montevecchi, G. Venturini,

F. Memola Capece Minutolo,

M. Durante, A. Squillace (Italy)

Sustainability analysis of friction stir welding of AA5754 sheets

M. Bevilacqua, F.E. Ciarapica,

A. D'Orazio, A. Forcellese,

M. Simoncini (Italy)

Coupling of a redundant manipulator with a virtual reality environment to enhance human-robot cooperation

L. Gammieri, G. Di Gironimo (Italy)

M. Schumann, L. Pelliccia,

P. Klimant (Germany)

10.20 - 10.40

Densification mechanism for different types of stainless steel powders in selective laser melting

S. Cacace, A.G. Demir,

Q. Semeraro (Italy)

Simulation, optimization and experimental verification of the over pressure reflow soldering process

A. Esfandyari, B. Bachy, S. Raithel,

A. Syed-Khaja, J. Franke (Germany)

Human-robot collaboration in decentralized manufacturing systems: an approach for simulation-based evaluation of future intelligent production

L. Bochmann, T. Bänziger, A. Kunz, K.Wegener (Germany)

10.40 - 11.10

Coffee Break



Chairman: T. Segreto


Chairman: S. Erol


Chairman: C. Leone

Additive Manufacturing / Dynamic Modelling

Cyber Physical Systems &

Cloud Manufacturing

Laser / Virtual Reality

11.10 - 11.30

Non-contact reverse engineering modeling for additive manufacturing of down scaled cultural artefacts

T. Segreto, A. Bottillo, R. Teti,

L.M. Galantucci, F. Lavecchia,

M.B. Galantucci (Italy)

Intelligent production planning and control in the cloud – towards a scalable software architecture

S. Erol, W. Sihn (Austria)

Statistical analysis and modelling of an Yb:KGW femtosecond laser micro-drilling process

G. Casalino, A.M. Losacco,

A. Arnesano, F. Facchini,

M. Pierangeli, C. Bonserio (Italy)

11.30 - 11.50

A comparison between 3D Printing and Milling process for a Spar Cap Fitting (wing-fuselage) of UAV Aircraft

C.G. Ferro, A. Mazza, D. Belmonte,

C. Seclì, P. Maggiore (Italy)

Simulation of production processes involving cyber-physical systems

J.F. Lachenmaier, H. Lasi,

H.G. Kemper (Germany)

Experimental study on fiber laser microcutting of Nimonic 263 superalloy

S. Genna, F. Tagliaferri, C. Leone,

B. Palumbo, G. De Chiara (Italy)

11.50 - 12.10

Analysis of dynamic excitation behavior of a two-stage spur gearbox

C. Brecher, C. Löpenhaus,

M. Schroers (Germany)

Semantic framework for predictive maintenance in a cloud environment

B. Schmidt, L. Wang, D. Galar (Sweden)

Task-based motion control of digital humans for industrial applications

G. Di Gironimo, A. Tarallo (Italy)

L. Pelliccia, F. Pürzel, M. Putz,

P. Klimant (Germany)

12.10 - 12.30

Forecast for radial runout of outer ring in cylindrical roller bearing

L. Jishun, Y. Yongjian,

X. Yujun (China)

A concept of semantic description for e-production systems in manufacturing

M. Klein, N. Jazdi, M. Weyrich (Germany)

Evaluation of clothoids in manufacturing context

A. Atmosudiro, A. Verl, A. Lechler,

G. Schwarz (Germany)

12.30 - 12.50

Research on rotational accuracy of cylindrical roller bearing

Y. Yongjian, C. Guoding,

L. Jishun, X. Yujun (China)

Method of usability for mobile robotics in a manufacturing environment

A. Lottermoser, C. Berger,

S. Braunreuther, G. Reinhart (Germany)

Design of a test environment for planning and interaction with virtual production processes

C. Buchholz, S. Kind, R. Stark (Germany)

13.00 - 13.25

Conference Closure and Farewell

13.30 - 14.30